Discover 16 Unbelievable Tricks to Secure Affordable Domestic Flights Within the USA


Discover 16 Unbelievable Tricks to Secure Affordable Domestic Flights Within the USA

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Ever moved from the UK to the U.S and been shocked by the high cost of domestic flights? Well, you’re not alone. It’s wild how we can hop on a flight from London to Barcelona or Paris with Ryanair or EasyJet for barely a tenner. Meanwhile, U.S domestic flights can easily run you about $200 or upwards for round trips, but don’t panic just yet.

There are secrets to getting the best flight deals right under your nose. Let’s explore:

1. Reserve your ticket early: You might have guessed this but, booking way ahead of your departure date generally helps. Although there could be price drops because of low demand, it’s safer to book at least a month or two early.

2. Download the Hopper app: It keeps an eye on billions of flight prices daily, predicts price changes, and tips you off on whether to buy or wait. They even let you freeze a price for 14 days.

3. Explore multiple flight search engines: Alongside Skyscanner, sites like Kayak, Momondo, Google Flights, Expedia are great platforms that can help you compare fares and find the sweetest deals.

4. Don’t forget Southwest does not show up on flight comparison websites, so head over there directly. They offer great prices and up to two checked bags for free!

5. Explore Skiplagged & hidden city fares: This innovative site exposes loopholes in airline pricing so you can find special deals, like cheaper non-stop flights to your destination.

6. Ditch the weekends: Traveling during the week can save some bucks. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are sometimes the cheapest days to fly. Also, late evening and early morning flights can have lower rates.

7. Rack up air miles: If you’re sticking to one airline, make use of their air miles program. Accruing points can significantly cut down your flight expenses.

8. Subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights: Get fantastic flight deals sent straight to your email. It does cost $49 annually for the premium version but, it can definitely save you loads in airfare.

9. Choose budget airlines: American Airlines, United and Delta are giants but could be pricier. Consider budget airlines like Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

10. Be mindful of cabin bag costs: Always add up the total flight costs, including bag fees. Sometimes, a budget flight may not be so budget-friendly after all.

11. Pack light: Skip cabin and checked bags if you can. Travel with only ‘personal items’ like a backpack.

12. Go incognito: Clear your browser cookies or go incognito to avoid price surges due to repeated flight searches.

13. Opt for basic fares: The most basic fares might be non-refundable but are usually the most affordable.

14. Use air miles for last-minute trips: When ticket prices are steep, check how much it costs in air miles, especially during holidays.

15. Take advantage of companion vouchers: If you often travel with a buddy, some credit cards offer a companion voucher upon card renewal. Your companion travels free while you only pay for your ticket.

16. Use the free 24-hour cancellation: If you see a price drop within this period, cancel and rebook your flight.

The final takeaway: The trick to low-cost domestic travel in the U.S lies in flexibility, early bookings, and raking in those precious air miles. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, flights might not be dirt-cheap, but these tips can help you snag a bargain. Happy flying!

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